Ph.D Supervision

Currently supervising

Alicia Dipierri

Behavioral changes, innovative strategies and triggering motivations towards a sustainable development in the food system

Expected viva voce: May 2022

Aspirant FNRS doctoral student

Joint supervision with Tom Dedeurwaeredere (UCL)

Alicia's profile

Ariane Reyns

Complementary currencies and regional resilience

Expected viva voce: September 2024

FNRS FRESH fellowship.

François-Xavier Ledru

Impact investing

Expected viva voce: May 2022

UNAMUR teaching assistant

Joint supervision with Oscar Bernal (Université de Namur)

Riccardo Losa

Circular Economy: The case of battery

Expected viva voce: May 2025

Joint supervision with Stina Torjesen (Agder University)

Past Phd Students

Coline Serres

For-Profit Social Enterprises and the Commons

Expected viva voce: May 2021


ARC doctoral fellowship

joint supervision with Tom Dedeurwaeredere (UCL)

Lou Plateau

Producers’ Cooperatives

Expected viva voce: March 2021


FNRS FRESH fellowship

(joint supervision with Laurence Roudart, ULB)

Marion Allet

Microfinance and the Environmental Bottom Line: What relevance?

(Jointly supervised with Jean-Yves Moisseron, Université Paris 1, France)—  Defended in January 2013


First position after PhD: Senior Program Officer at PAMIGA



Published papers for this PhD

Jessica Schicks

Ethics and Consumer Protection in Microfinance

Defended in January 2013


First position after PhD:
Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a microfinance institution in Zambia

Published papers for this PhD

Cyril Fouillet

Economic, Social and Spatial Construction of Microfinance: An Indian Case Study

(Co-supervision with Jean-Michel Servet, IUED, Switzerland) — Defended in October 2009


Current position: Assistant Professor and Head of the Economic Section at ESC Angers (France)


First Position after PhD: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Oxford University