Marek Hudon's research fields

Social Innovation

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Business Ethics

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Sustainable Finance

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Economic Resilience

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Recent research projects


(Brussels Region)

ULB Promotor of Co-Create projects related to alternative exchange systems or community currencies (E-Change); citizen supermarket BEESCOOP and two projects related to urban agriculture.


Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

ULB Partner in the BRAIN project on food systems: “Food4Sustainabilty”, funding of one researcher at the ULB. Partners: UCL (Prof. Olivier de Schutter, Prof. Tom Dedeurwaerdere); KUL (Prof. Erik Matthijs)


Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO):

LB Partner in the Interuniversity attraction pole (IAP) on social enterprises: “If not for profit, for what? and how? Building interdisciplinary knowledge on social entrepreneurship and social enterprise“, funding of one PhD student and four years of post-doctoral fellowship at the ULB.

February 2013


First Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development” (Premier Congrès Interdisciplinaire du Développement Durable), Co-president with Jean-Pascal van Ypersele (UCL, GIEC).

January 2012


Co-promotor with B. de Rock (ULB), A. Szafarz (ULB) and P. Verwimp (ULB) of a FRFC project “Microfinance Services, Intra-household Behaviour and Welfare in Developing Countries: A longitudinal and experimental approach“, funding of two researchers for four years and funding of field project.

December 2009

Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO)

Co-promotor (with W. Hecq, ULB) of INESPO (Innovative instruments for Energy Saving Policies: White Certificates and Complementary Currencies) project “Science for a Sustainable Development (SSD)“.


INESPO : Innovative instruments for energy saving policies


June 2009

Conference "First European Research Conference in Microfinance"

President of the 3-day Conference. Participation of 250 people.

May 2010

Targeted interuniversity projects / Projet Interuniversitaire Ciblé" (PIC) of CUD

ULB Partner of a projet on microfinance in DR Congo (4 ans) coordinated by M. Labie (UMONS; CERMi).

2009 - 2011

Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment (IBGE)

Co-promotor with Marc Lemaire (Groupe One) of two studies on the use of complementary currencies for environmental goals